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PrimeVirtual prides itself on having top-notch virtual staffs expertly trained to handle a variety of tasks. Each and every one of our Virtual Staffs has been carefully screened and deemed qualified customer service representatives.

Save your valuable time

Our Virtual Staffs have been trained to generate leads, take applications, and call up to 100 customers a day.
The benefit of hiring a Virtual Staff to handle tedious tasks is that you have time to focus on the big-picture planning of your business. With the economy heading into a recession, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve.

On-Site Supervision

Your Virtual Staffs will be monitored by a management team to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Flat Monthly Fee

With a flat monthly fee, you do not need to worry about being taxed per employee.

Time Freedom

Have your Virtual Staff work on your day-to-day tasks so you can focus on the big picture.

Hire your own Virtual Staff!

All of our Virtual Staffs have a dedicated seat with a working computer and a noise-cancellation headset.

A virtual staff is a person who offers service and support to a person or enterprise by doing a variety of tasks like administrative and call assistance while working remotely.

By using new technology and business procedures, virtual staff services from a company like PrimeVirtual can benefit insurance firms and brokers. We ensure that all Virtual Staff recommended to our clients have thorough training as well as all necessary tools and supplies for providing high-quality services.
We assure our clients that they will receive appropriate support for their needs during working hours like an on-site escalation. We can also provide our virtual staffs with supplementary Subject Matter Expert (SME) training for further knowledge.

PrimeVirtual Pricing

All of our virtual staffs received quality training from subject matter experts (SME) for product knowledge. 
They also have a manager on duty for daily progress updates, time management, and IT support.


Special Introductory Price

All-Inclusive Package
Executive Virtual Staff for only

Pricing Provided Up Request

*$500 Set-up cost will be charge upon the start of service*

How Offshoring Works?



We will discuss the fine tuned detail of your business and direct needs.



Based on your company's needs, we will find the right fit employee for you.



Our dedicated management and IT Team are ready to assist you.